Kiss My Sky
CountsStep Description
1 - 8Side Rock, Recover, Right Sailor Step, Step, Right Sailor Step ¼ Turn Right, Step
1 - 2Rock right to right side, Recover on left
3 & 4Step right behind left, Step left in place, Step right to the right side
5Step left to the left side
6 & 7Step right behind left, Make ¼ right stepping left foot to left side, Step right foot forward
8Step left foot forward
9 - 16½ Turn Left, ½ Turn Shuffle Left, ¼ Turn Shuffle Left, Rock, Recover, Point
1Make ½ turn left stepping back on right foot (9:00)
2 & 3Shuffle ½ turn left stepping left, right, left (3.00)
4 & 5Make ¼ shuffle left stepping right, left, right (12.00)
6 - 8 Rock back on left, Recover right, Point left foot to left diagonal (weight on right)
Restart: Here On Wall 4 After 16 Counts and Start From The Beginning Add & To Transfer weight to Left foot.
17 - 24Step Down Point, Right Kick And Cross, Step, Lock, Step, Lock, Left Diagonal Shuffle
1 - 2Step down on left foot, Point right foot to right diagonal (weight on left)
3 & 4Kick right foot to right diagonal, Step down on right, Cross left over right
&5&6Step forward on right diagonal, Lock left behind right, Step forward right, Lock left behind right (weight on right)
7 & 8Step left to left diagonal, Step right next to left, Step forward left
25 - 32Step Forward, Twist, Twist x2 Left Coaster Step, Step Forward, ¼ Turn Left
1&2&Step forward right, Swivel both heels right, Swivel both heels centre, Step back on right
3 & 4Left foot forward, Swivel both heels left, Swivel both heels centre
5 & 6Step back on left, Step right next to left, Step forward
7 - 8Step right foot forward, Make ¼ turn left (weight on right)
Choreographed By:Stephen Gell (October 2016).
Choreographed To:‘Kiss The Sky’ By Jason Derulo CD: Platinum Heights (Total Track Length 3:42) 112 bpm Available On iTunes And Amazon UK Intro: 16 Counts, Restart Wall 4 After 16 Counts.
Choreographers Notes:Restart Here On Wall 4 After 16 Counts and Start From The Beginning.