I’m A Freak 2
CountsStep Description
1 - 8Kick Right Across Left x2, Right Sailor, Kick Left Across Right x2, Left Sailor
1 - 2Kick right across left, Kick right to right side
3 & 4Step right behind left, Step left to left side, Step right in place
5 - 6Kick left across right, Kick left to left side
7 & 8Step left behind right, Step right to right side, Step left in place
9 - 16Cross Rock, Right Side Shuffle, Cross Rock, ¼ Turn, Hold
1 - 2Cross rock right over left, Recover right
3 & 4Step right to right side, Step left next to right, Step right to right side
5 - 6Cross rock left over right, Recover left
7 - 8Make ¼ turn left on left, Hold
17 - 24½ Turn, Hold, Shuffle ½ Left, Step, ½ Turn Left, Right Kick Ball Change
1 - 2Make ½ turn left stepping back on left, Hold
3 & 4Make ½ shuffle turn left - Stepping left right left
5 - 6Step forward on right, Make ½ turn left
7 & 8Kick right foot forward, Step right in place, Step left foot in place
25 - 32Skate Right, Skate Left, Right Shuffle Forward, Rock, Recover, Left Coaster Step
1 - 2Skate right, Skate left
3 & 4Step right foot forward, Step left next to right, Step right foot forward
5 - 6Rock forward on left, Recover right
7 & 8Step back on left, Step right next to left, Step forward on left
Choreographed By:Stephen Gell (May 2014).
Choreographed To:‘I’m A Freak’ By Enrique Iglesias feat Pitbull. Single or Album - Sex & Love (Explicit) or That’s What I Call Music 87 (Clean Version), 128 bpm, Available On iTunes, Intro.
Choreographers Notes:Floor Split For Alan G. Birchall’s One Track Mind.